PICK Credit Management purchase all types of defaulted or charged-off accounts receivable portfolios, from a diverse range of consumer debt instruments covering credit cards, telecommunications, utilities, personal loan, hire purchase agreements, lease agreements, mortgages and rental agreements accounts.

The benefit of selling bad debt portfolios allows you to remove costly, troublesome receivables from your books and/or inventory, and infuses capital directly into your revenue stream. Not only do our clients see immediate increases in their bottom line, but also dramatic reductions in collection-related operating costs - lower in-house collection or OA costs.

We are continually mindful of our clients reputations and have the integrity required to optimise brand protection. One of our collection strategies is in providing flexible settlement to help consumers resolve their delinquent debt, while respecting these individuals as valued customers of the credit originators.

Our client can rest assure that we will employ the highest quality of care when it comes to managing their customers and the various legislation surrounding it. PICK Credit Management purchases charged-off receivables at all levels of delinquencies.


We are able to help our clients take full advantage of the time value of money by eliminating the need to operate a costly collections department to service purchased portfolio. By partnering with us and our panel of OAs and law firms, our clients are able to ramp up capacity in a short period of time, thereby streamlining operations and increasing productivity.

What We Purchase:

Credit Cards

Personal Loans

Auto Loans

Hire purchase agreements


Lease agreements


Rental agreements